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Security Audits and Certifications

ClearStar is audited by SecureWorks to ensure that appropriate security controls are in place in the technology as well as the processes, procedures and documentation. SecureWorks performs quarterly vulnerability scans and annual penetration tests on the ClearStar network and systems.

Experian EI3PA Certification

ClearStar has been approved under Experian EI3PA to process requests for Experian credit data. This certification clears ClearStar to process requests for Equifax and Trans Union credit data, as well. The Experian EI3PA process is based on the PCI DSS. It is a much more detailed and explicit standard than any prior Experian, Equifax or Trans Union assessment. The process mirrors the requirements, procedures and structure of the PCI DSS, except that it is geared toward the protection of “Credit Data” as opposed to the PCI focus on “Credit Card Data.” ClearStar has been approved to process requests for all three credit vendors-Experian, Equifax and Trans Union-since 2000 and has been EI3PA certified since the beginning of the process in 2009.