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Need for Speed

Through our processes, our technology and our service we are committed to doing things expeditiously and with quality. We understand that time is the leading factor in lost opportunity. It is our mission through the deployment of innovative technology to decrease the amount of time it takes to process and deliver information that is in a usable format specific to the client in order to make a decision. ClearStar constantly invests in the value of SPEED.


Data retrieval is automated real time directly to over 1,000 county criminal court locations. In addition to county courthouse records, CourtMojo also provides direct access to state and federal records without an operator having to data enter the record to be delivered. This speeds up the process and reduces the likelihood of operator error.


Decision making algorithm that simplifies or eliminates data entry by the applicant or the information required to be collected in a system-to-system interface from a applicant tracking or job board type of technology. Streamline is configured to suit the type and timeframe of information that is to be searched on an applicant to meet the hiring requirements of the employer. If the employer desires, instead of letting Streamline make decisions on where information should be retrieved on an applicant, they can view recommendations by Streamline and decide which data is to be ordered. The employer has more control and saves time through an automated decision process.